Ensayo sobre la pena de muerte

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Best of the Solar System

1. Which planet is the closest to the sun?

a) Pluto
b) Mercury
c) Earth
d) Jupiter

2. Which is the largest planet?

a) Saturn
b) Pluto
c) Earthd) Jupiter

3. Which planet has the brightest ring system?

a) Saturn
b) Neptune
c) Jupiter
d) Uranus

4. If the image of a planet seen through a telescope looks like a smooth disk,it is because the planet is

a) covered with clouds
b) very smooth
c) too far away to see details
d) any of the above

5. How can we distinguish planets from stars, using our unaided eyes?a) planets don't twinkle
b) planets move in different ways than stars
c) they are present in the sky at different times than stars are
d) all of the above

6.Tell how one planet got its name.

7. Name one thing that ancient astronomers knew about planets.

8. Look at this image of a planet:

Why is it NOT Saturn?

Why is itNOT Jupiter?

Why is it NOT Neptune?

Why is it NOT Earth?

The Internet:

1. How would someone use the internet to learn about something?
What are the steps?

2.When you use the internet to learn about something, do you usually
find out

a) just what you wanted to know
b) more
c) less
d) something different

3. What can you do to INCREASE theamount of information received?

4. What can you do to DECREASE the amount of information received?

5. What are some POSITIVE things about using the internet for research?

6. What are someNEGATIVE things about using the internet for research?

7. How is using the internet different from going to the library for research? (besides books instead of computers)

8. Would you use theinternet for research on a different subject?

9. Which of the following do you use at home? (check all that apply)

video games ______ computer ______ Internet/Web browser ______

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