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3Com® Wireless 11n Cable/DSL Firewall Router
Model Number: WL-602


Installation Guide Guía de instalación

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Antes de usar este equipo por primera vez, lo invitamos a leer detenidamente las siguientes instrucciones. Guarde este manual para consultas futuras.

Руководство по установке Guida all'installazione Guia de Instalação Guide d'installation InstallationshandbokInstallatiehandleiding

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Other languages are available on the included CD-ROM and on www.3com.com

www.3com.com Part No. 10016788 Rev. BA Published July 2008

About This Guide: This Guide takes you through the basic steps necessary to install and configure your 3Com Wireless 11n Cable/DSL Firewall Router, and establish a connection from your computers tothe Internet. Throughout, the Wireless 11n Cable/DSL Firewall Router is simply referred to as the Router. Your Package Contains: • • • • • • • • One 3Com Wireless 11n Cable/DSL Firewall Router One power adapter for use with the Router Four rubber feet One Ethernet cable One CD-ROM containing the Quick Installation Guide and the User Guide This Installation Guide One Support and Safety InformationSheet One Warranty Flyer

System Requirements Before starting, you must ensure the following: • • You already have a cable or DSL broadband connection to the Internet with a suitable modem and that this connection works properly. The modem must have an Ethernet port for connection to your Router. You have a computer that has an Ethernet connection available and is already correctly configured forcommunication with the Internet. Your computer must be able to connect to the Internet via the modem, and must have a Web browser installed. • There are no other DHCP server devices on your local network that are responsible for allocating IP addresses to your computers and other network-connected devices. Your Router will now perform this function by default. If one or more of these conditionsare not met, refer to the comprehensive Router User Guide provided on the accompanying CD-ROM for further guidance.


The front panel of the router contains a series of indicator lights (LEDs) that help describe the state of various networking and connection operations.


Power LED (Illuminated Logo) White Indicates that the Router is powered on. If this LED is off,the power adapter or the connections to the power adapter may be faulty. Refer to the Problem Solving section.


Alert LED Amber Indicates a number of different conditions, as described below. Off - The Router is operating normally. Flashing quickly - Indicates one of the following conditions: • • • Off. On for 2 seconds, and then off - The Router has detected and prevented a hacker fromattacking your network from the Internet. Continuously on - A fault has been detected with your Router during the start-up process. Refer to the main User Guide. The Router has just been started up and is running a self-test routine, or The administrator has invoked the Reset to Factory Defaults command, or The system software is in the process of being upgraded

In each of these cases, wait untilthe Router has completed the current operation and the Alert LED is


Cable/DSL Status LED Blue Indicates that the internet connection to the Cable/DSL modem is active. If the LED is flashing, data is being transmitted or received by the modem.


Wireless LAN (WiFi) Status LED Blue If the LED is on it indicates that wireless networking is enabled. If the LED is flashing, data isbeing transmitted or received. If the LED is off, the Wireless LAN has been disabled in the Router, or there is a problem. Refer to the ‘Problem Solving’ section.



Four LAN Status LEDs Blue If the LED is on, the link between the port and the next piece of network equipment is OK. If the LED is flashing, the link is OK and data is being transmitted or received. If the LED is off,...
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