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“The Hardy Boys: Night of the Werewolf”
By Franklin W. Dixon.

This book was written by Franklin W. Dixon and published in 1979 in New York City; with 180 pages this novel is considered fiction.All names, characters, places and incidents are products of the imagination of the author. As if all this novel is about a case about a werewolf, which is being investigated by the Hardy brothers (Joe,Frank). This book is full of mystery and action which makes it very exciting.

The story takes place in various towns and villages as in: "Bayport, Hawk River, New York, small towns, Tabor helpsthe family mansion and a small population of Indians nearby.” The narrator of this story can be treated like testimony, but in some parts (when there is dialogue between characters) enters a kind ofnarrator protagonist.
The characters are the most important are the brothers Hardy's, but also not forget that the story revolves around a singular character named: "John Tabor.” Of course there aremany more characters, of course, less important, but like everyone else has their contributions as "Chet, Fenton Hardy (Dad's brother), Alena Tabor, Elizabeth, Hank and the Upton family.
The storybegins when the hardy's brothers (who are detectives) are attacked by a species of wolf; to follow the story the brothers begin a case about a werewolf. The case revolves around a member of the Taborfamily; this family is taken as the main promoter of the case as one of the integrants "Alena" said the detectives on an ancient curse that occurs every seven generations, in which each one of its memberswill be a "werewolf". Unfortunately his brother "John" will occasionally happen several things that relate to the curse.
During the novel, also leads the investigation of another case of strangeaccidents between two construction companies that this case only leads Mr. Fenton Hardy. Halfway through the novel we discover a relationship between the two cases, since some of the people involved...
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