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  • Publicado : 31 de octubre de 2010
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Digital Video Camera

High performance 3CCD DV camera with 20x zoom for advanced movie making

High performance 3CCD DV camera with 20x zoom for advanced movie making
By combining advanced technologies in lens design and signal processing, along with manual and automatic features and controls, the XM2 achieves the perfect balance of outstanding picture quality and high performance

SUPERBQUALITY The Canon XM2 Digital Video Camera combines the best of all worlds. Its advanced technology delivers unrivalled image quality in its class, while it is still easy to operate. That makes it an ideal choice for both serious video enthusiasts, professional videographers and filmmakers. Whether you're regularly providing broadcast or web content, making educational videos or record events,the XM2's high performance will make your work more enjoyable and the result more satisfying.

INSPIRATIONAL VERSATILITY No two video shoots are alike. What's happening, where it's happening, movement, colour – it all demands a certain amount of fine-tuning to capture the special moments you want. The XM2 features adjustments and enhancements for sound and picture for your personal creativity.Plus a LCD screen for easy viewing. NEW GENERATION 3CCD The Canon 3CCD system separates light entering the DV camera into red, blue and green, making colour reproduction cleaner and sharper. New high-sensitivity 3CCD with 470,000 pixels provides 540 lines horizontal resolution.





3CCD unit Guarantees outstanding detail and high performance.


Fluorite lens Forsharp images and perfect colour reproduction.

Positioning the green CCD out of line (pixel shift) sharpens image reproduction even if your subject moves. A new Super Pixel Shift (horizontal + vertical) technology achieves wider dynamic range for movies, reducing vertical smear and gives 1.7 mega-pixel high resolution photos.

PROFESSIONAL FLUORITE LENS Canon has always led the way in opticaldevelopment. The first to equip a DV camera with a fluorite lens – a lens that provides the quality of 35mm and broadcast TV. The XM2 has a Professional L-Series fluorite lens. Combined with 20x optical zoom and 100x digital zoom, plus an Optical Image Stabilizer, you can be sure of superior images.

Fluorite lens Glass lens
Red Blue Red Blue

TRUE-TO-LIFE COLOUR Fluoriteis a synthetic crystalline substance with the ability to collect light at a single point. It bypasses the limitations posed by normal glass. The resulting image is extremely sharp. A zoom lens is an essential feature on a DV camera. But the downside of a normal zoom lens can be colour aberrations. The fluorite technology used in the XM2 L-Series lens eliminates almost all colour deviation. This andthe new 3CCD system give viewers the pleasure of colours that are much truer to life.

OPTICAL IMAGE STABILIZER We know how difficult it can be to keep a camera still. So the XM2 is fitted with an Optical Image Stabilizer (rather than Electronic Stabilization which can reduce image quality). Its vari-angle prism reacts

Optional MA-300 adapter with 2-channel XLR terminals.

to a sensor andbends the light rays, so the image reaching the CCDs remains steady. SOUNDS GOOD Some DV camera recordings have great pictures but the sound lets them down. For a fuller, richer, stereo sound, the XM2 has a 'direction accurate' microphone. This contains two pairs of pick-up elements, each for left and right, giving accurate stereo ambience and less mechanical background noise. Also, you canchange the microphone frequency characteristics to match the recording condition (normal,

voice and windscreen). For high-quality PCM digital sound recording, an MA-300 microphone adapter is available allowing the use of external microphones fitted with XLR terminals. AUDIO LEVEL CONTROL Another sound-improving feature on the XM2 is the 2-channel manual audio level control. A special dial allows...
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