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This essay, which title is "looking at my ability to learn," aims to make an introspection of my learning skills, including aspects such as, their memories about learning, what do they use or used to learn, how they like to perform it, what’s easier for them , what kind of resources he counts with, so , when recognized, they know that they have the tools to take initiativeand learn more or as mentioned by the teacher, which is not interrupted his apprentice any adversity , since taking them into account will be easier to use at any time.
The central hypothesis is based on the people decide how to learn and to use every moment of your life and history are very much learning and enhancers.
The goal is to breakdown the points made with details of my story, including"people change over their life, their way of learning, enhancers come into play in their environment and school life and family? To give a clear and precise conclusion.


[pic]My hypothesis is: Each person will adapt its shape to continuously learn and is guided by what is best in every situation, however there are some predominant. The how is acquired and is changing enhancersaround and has much to do so imposed by the family and school imposed.

First consider important to define “lern”: to get knowledge or skill in a new subject or activity. And “skills”: an ability to do an activity or job well, especially because you have practised it. (Cambridge University Press (2010). Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary).

Since I was a child I was very easy to learn, donot know what time it was, but I liked to read and understand the text so I was very easy to identify the most important. I've always applied and did not need to tell me to do, to my tasks on my own. I think what helps a child is always paying attention in class, as this is very easy you understand things, my teacher first and second grade was the same and was the one who encouraged me to continuemy learning and I used to give us some recognition that she herself toward a reward for the top (he was thereby reinforcing some of my major) I liked going to school and use my help. To do my homework or work, was usually alone, because I am an only child so to be alone was something very common, but also made them to be together without any problem was always the example in my family, so thiscould be another factor: continuous social reinforcement for everything he did.
For Skinner "all consequences of the behavior that is rewarding or to put it more technically, reinforcing, increasing the likelihood of new answers." (Skinner, B, 1975).
Therefore I consider it very important that strengthening that goes from something material to social only as a "very good" based on that thesubject's actions followed by a proper reinforcement tend to be repeated (if the reinforcement is positive) or avoided (if negative).

My parents instilled in me since childhood that my work was to study, they worked to give me what I needed and I had to do well in school and until my husband is what is driving. A year ago I faced a very difficult time in school question, the decision to get out onehalf of the right to have my baby, was something that I was impressed, as 15 continuous years of my life I was in school and I was afraid to leave, fortunately the birth of my daughter gave me the momentum to continue and try harder and my grades have been better since we got married, besides the moments I lived as a mom are unrepeatable and will not change for anything in the world.

I alwaysadjust to how to take classes as teachers, as throughout my education I stumbled around eh. It is well that mine is more visual, so I read what I do and I stress if slides and through much better. I think any class is hard, it all depends on how much studying, but I also know that mathematics is not my thing, always got good grades in math but I do not like operations, or spend much time doing that....
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