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  • Publicado : 14 de diciembre de 2010
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Persuasive or Argumentative Essay

Argument and persuasion require you to present your views on an issue through logic, emotion, good character, and in such away that you convince the reader of your point of view. In a successful argument, your logic must be flawless. Your conclusions should be based on clear evidence,which must be organized in such a way that it builds to an effective, convincing conclusion.

Although persuasive essays can be approached essentially threedifferent ways – logically, emotionally, and/or ethically – we will stress logic and reason. Most persuasive essays should begin with an assertion or a propositionstating what you believe in about a certain issue. This thesis should generally be phrased as a debatable statement, such as, “If individual states used the deathpenalty, there would be an immediate drop in violent crimes.” The essay should then support your thesis in a variety of ways. This support may take the form offacts, figures, statistics, examples, opinions by respected authorities, case histories, or studies.

The concluding paragraph of the persuasive essay should restateyour main assertion and should offer some constructive recommendations about the problem you have been discussing. This should clearly bring your argument to aclose in one final attempt to get your reader to accept your viewpoint.

Assignment: Write an argumentative or persuasive essay. Choose a topic you feel stronglyabout and assume that I DO NOT agree with you. Plan your arguments carefully and FOCUS on your thesis. Keep your essay simple and you will make less mistakes.
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