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  • Publicado : 8 de febrero de 2011
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Edson Chavarría
LM – 1352
February, 2011
Facts of Life
The South Korean movie “The way home” (Jibeuro) is directed by Jeong – HyangLee and produced by CJ Entertainment. It tells the story of a kid that comes from the city to stay few days at his old-muted-grandmother's house. This little boy is spoiled and he treats her withcontempt because she is elderly and she can not speak, but the patience and affection that she has for him makes a strong change on his feelings. This film presents a materialistic consciousness on thekid and a problem of indifference and love in the family as plot, which makes it valuable for persons that really love their relatives.
The materialism in the actual society is building egoisticand unhealthy children to the point that they are becoming more selfish with their belongings and their food is not as convenient as it should be. In the past, kids used to enjoy making new friendsand playing with them, but nowadays, kids prefer to play alone because they do not want any other kid to touch their toys or they prefer to stay at home playing with their video games consoles. Also,the fast food is the new menu for everyday meals; children relish the idea of eating in a fast food restaurant instead of eating healthy food; as shown in the movie, the kid said that he wants to eat“hamburger, pizza or Kentucky chicken” (The way home), instead of a chicken prepared for his grandmother. Therefore, parents must take good care of the children behaviors and the food they consume ifthey do not want them to incur in social and health problems when adults; parents must care not only of these problems, but also the indifference in the families.
The plot of the movie presents aproblem of indifference in the family. As children, people enjoy visiting their grandparents, not as it happens in the movie; for instance, the kid treats his grandmother with contempt. This is...
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