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  • Publicado : 9 de marzo de 2010
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Luis Fernando Chacon Triana.
English 100-L01.
March 4, 2010.
H. Roach.
Essay #1 Descriptive Narrative Rough Draft.
In my life, I have lived good and bad times, but I feel I have taken theright decisions, especially since I start to live abroad without my family. When I was living in Japan, I was thinking that everything was doing well for me until I got fired from my soccer team. I wasgetting bored of Japan so it was ok for me. After it happened, I had to think about what to do with my life. “Should I go to Colombia, New York, Spain or France?” that’s what I was asking to myself.Since I have memory I have been playing soccer. Soccer is my life, my passion; it is something that makes me feel alive every day. Because of soccer I have had the opportunity to knowdifferent countries and cultures like Japan and United states. In Japan I used to play soccer for about two years, in there I meet very nice people and also I learned how to speak the language. I traveledto many different cities in the country and the best part it's that I got pay for it.
Even the last time I meet my family was three years ago and even I have lived difficult moments livingabroad of my country, I don't regret what I have lived because now I feel that I am a mature person. Something good about living without your family is that you become independent. Independence for somepeople can means go to the club every night and get drunk without ask anybodies permission, but the real meaning about being independent is to learn to be responsible with yourself, everythingdepends on you because what you do will mainly affect your life.
I decided to come to New York, because in here I can play soccer and study at the same time. If I go to other countries I may haveto forget about soccer and it is something I don’t want to happen yet.
A month ago I came from Osaka to GCC to study communications and media studies and for playing soccer for the...
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