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Fast food has become a reason of obesity in the country, and not only obesity but also danger for the people’s health. How has fast food increased in the past years? Fast food hasincreased by capturing the children’s attention. How do they capture the children’s attention? The fast food companies capture the children’s attention by making TV advertisements, toys, andplaygrounds. Although we know fast food endangers our health, why do Americans choose to continue consuming it?
The lower prices of fast food make people to buy it. For example, one person caneat at a restaurant and pay $15.00 for a meal; however, the same person can get a meal in a fast food restaurant for the amount of $4.00 which is almost 4 times less than in a commonrestaurant. Everybody has at least $4.00 in their pockets, and the meal is pretty much enough to the person to get full.
Another reason why do people choose to consume fast food is that itsaves time to the person, in other words is “fast”. For example, somebody that wakes up late on one day. He didn’t have time to make his own breakfast, and he is late to get to his job, so hedecided just to pass by a fast food restaurant and buy some breakfast. Now he is finally eating his breakfast while he is in his way to work.
The third reason why do people choose toconsume fast food is the pleasure that gives it to the person. For example, the sugar, fat and salt combined together makes a kind of element that causes addiction to the person that consumesfast food, which makes the person to feel pleasure every time they eat fast food. It is easy to compare it with nicotine in cigarettes.
Even though fast food can endangers peoples’health, they choose to buy and consume fast food because of the lower prices, time saving and the pleasure that it gives them. All of these reasons together make their life easy and pleasant.
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