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  • Publicado : 7 de marzo de 2011
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Mr Vasquez Sigua Juan

What did the John Adams mean by saving, ‘’I maybecome everything ‘’?

This quote means that if the president of a nation dies the vice president take is removed from office so the vice president becomes president .
John adams, our nation’s firstvice president, describe the situation well.

In a graphic organizer like one below, explain the order of presidential succession?

President dies or leaves office
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Next in line is the president pro tempore of the senate, then thesecretary of state and others members of the cabinet
If both the vise president and president die or leave the office, the speaker of the house becomes president
Should the vice president becomepresident, or should not he remain vice president while doing the president job
Early government officials were not sure what that meant
The vice president takes on the powers and duties of the presidency1. How many electoral votes did the states of California have? The state of Texas ?

2. Which candidate won the election? How many total electoral votes did he win?

George W Bush wonthe election. He gets 271 electoral votes, where to win only 270 electoral votes is necesary

3. Which candidate won the popular vote?

Al Gore won the popular votes. He gets 50,996,164 andGeorge W Bush gets 50,456,169

Which of the roles of the president do you think is the most important? Least important? Why?

I think the most important roles of the president are the roles comedirectly from the constitution and the least important that are not established in the constitution but have developed over the years. I thik this because is important that the president carry out...