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  • Publicado : 19 de marzo de 2010
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The time happened(passed)... The autumn Came. But, did what happen? The servant was extracting from the stable to the Burrito every day and was putting the packsaddle. - Arre, arre! In the gardenthey are waiting for many baskets of fruit to lead to the warehouse. The Burrito was going and coming from house to the garden and from the garden to the house, and while it(he,she) was walkingsilently, was thinking over that it(he,she) had not improved his(her,your) condition with the change of stations.
The Burrito was meeting loaded with apples, with potatoes, with thousand supplies forthe house. That evening they had loaded him with a great collection of fuelwood, and the animal, walking towards the house, it(he,she) was reasoning to his(her,your) way: - If nothing I liked thespring, less still(yet) I get pleased the summer, and the autumn does not look like to me a good thing either, Oh, which you gain(earn) I have from that the winter comes! Already I know that at thetime I will not have the juicy grass(herb) that with so much(many) zeal he(she) was wishing. But, at least, I will be able to disarrange all that I desire. Welcome it is the winter! I will have in themanger only dry straw, but I will eat it with the major contentment.
And when finally, the winter came, the Burrito was very happy. He was living rested on his(her,your) comfortable stable, and,remembering the previous punishment(hardships), he(she) was eating with good desire the straw that they were putting in the manger.
Already it(he,she) did not have the ambitions that saddenedhis(her,your) previous life. Now it(he,she) was meditating from his(her,your) warm stable falling down of the snowflakes of snow, and to the discontented Burrito (that already it was not) this thoughthappened to him(her), that all of us must remember always, and this way iremos walking satisfied along the paths of the life: To content with our luck is the secret of the happiness.
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