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Naomi was a liar, "said Juan Manuel Santos

Sanin said the candidate of 'U' offered by the Ministry of Defence to the director of the Seine.

Montoya and other witnesses refused the offer, it wasratified and Santos said he was like 'liar'. 'Naomi was such a liar' Juan Manuel Santos, the candidate of 'U' in Pasto (Nariño), presidential candidate Juan Manuel Santos said, referring to thealleged offer of the Ministry of Defence, as he made Sanin Dario Montoya , director of the Seine, the conservative candidate "was a liar." "Dr. Montoya has spoken very clearly. He never received anyoffers, the other participants at the meal said the same, so was Dr. Noemi Sanin, a liar and this chapter is closed for me. That's a joke Wives "he said Santos. Sanin made the statement during the debate ofthe presidential candidates Canal Caracol. Santos said they offered "gifts" to attract conservatives to his campaign. "If you can somehow prove that I gave gifts to people for coming to our cause,because I assure you I give up my public life," Santos replied. Sanin challenged that were she to resign if he could not prove the charge. 'Yes there have been gifts' Noemi Sanin, the candidate ofConservatism Why brought up the episode with Darius Montoya (director of the Seine) in a debate? For a discussion debate. The episode was later in time to guarantee doctor gave Saints had not offered anypost or any gift. I immediately came to mind this first case.

'Noemí quedó como una mentirosa', aseguró Juan Manuel Santos
Sanín dijo que el candidato de 'La U' ofreció el Ministerio de Defensa aldirector del Sena.
Montoya y otros testigos negaron el ofrecimiento, ella se ratificó y Santos dijo que quedó como 'mentirosa'. 'Noemí quedó como mentirosa' Juan Manuel Santos, candidato de 'La U'En Pasto (Nariño), el candidato presidencial Juan Manuel Santos dijo, al referirse al supuesto ofrecimiento del Ministerio de Defensa que, según Noemí Sanín él le hizo a Darío Montoya, director del...
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