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  • Publicado : 25 de noviembre de 2011
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Name: Ivan Jasher Garcia Barrita | Grade: 7Th | Group: A |
Teache’s name: Ben Burton | Date:22-Nov-011 | Reduce adjective clauses |
Goal: | The goal of reduce adjective clauses is to make aconversation or writing shorter And efficient and eliminate the overuse of: that, which and who. Without losing the sense of a clause. |
Objective: | To be able to identify and apply in a clausethese reductions without losing the meaning and make writing more efficient. |

P R O C E D U R E |
CLASS | Topic: Reduce independent clauses * The rules of the independent clauses are very simplethis will be given graphically. At the beginning of the class a example will be wrote on the board in the two forms long and reduce form, after that, I will ask the students the difference betweenthe two examples. * the second step will be give the rules or the way a clauses can be reduce for example: a) The rules that are giving telemarketers access to public records should be revised.b) The rules giving telemarketers access to public records should be revised. 1. I will explain that If the verb is, are, was or were is used, the “that,” “which” and “who” along with these verbscan be eliminate 2. And If the verb is not is, are, was or were, the clause can be reduced by omitting “that,” “which” or “who” and by changing the verb to the–ing form. a) Education providespersonal advantages that allow consistent growth and privileges. b) Education provides personal advantages allow ing consistent growth and privileges. * Another example will be written on the boardin its long form and will ask a student to come up and it will use the instructions given before to reduce the clause. * Making teams of will come up with 3 long clauses with their reductions all ofthem in different papers then they will be given to the teacher and he will mix them up after that he will give them randomly to the team. The team will have to find reduce or the long clauses as...
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