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  • Publicado : 16 de enero de 2012
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Fair Trade

Fair trade it has 4 different types, fair trade is like a rule in which it wants that all the people have the writes of being paid and also that all of them have to obey all the rulesof the global warming an also the rules of the humans which are that they pay to the ones that collect the coffee for example in Colombia they pay all the workers the minimum wage and all the basicneeds like all the clothes they put for work an all the other payments the rules implement by the other hand we can see that in Ethiopia they don't pay to the workers because they have slaves for pickingup all the coffee and they don't receive any payments that are required so then when they are going to sell it for example to united states that it have a market very big they would choose Ethiopiabecause is cheaper because they don't have to pay so it would be easy to sell it cheaper. So that what fair trade want they say well fight but the thing is that it have to be balanced because all thepeople needs to be pay for their basic needs that is food, clothes and somewhere to slip so that what fair trade is they want to balanced all that so like that it would be justified for working and theprices wouldn’t be with so much difference.
Being ethical it means like fair with the people that is dyeing because of food and all the resources which they don't have so ethical means to beconsiderate with the people how don't have all the resources and not make cheats to them like buying coffee very cheep because the sellers need money to live and to follow making all their coffee.
If I amin he streets and they offer my a work in which I am paid 5.000 per day I would accept it because I am seeing that my children’s and my wife are dyeing because they are not eating and also if it is notfair trade I will take it because we need money to survive because all the world is with money and the money make resources come throw us so yes I would take the job even if it is not fair but...
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