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  • Publicado : 20 de enero de 2012
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If I have to describe Yohanna, I will start saying that she is a type a strong person, very proud of herself, and willing to defend her ideals from the world. When she was a child, she wanted to be asuper hero, but I guess that after she grew up she realized that she wasn’t strong enough to do it, so she gave up on that dream, and started dreaming about being a Biology teacher, so she couldexplore new things.
She is a woman of many passions, she loves traveling around the world, and learning many things. She has an ingrained desire to improve herself; she moved to the United States andlearned another language. She is a woman of skill and passion; her passions rang from the mundane to the extraordinary; but threw it all, her ultimate passion is her love for all kind of animals.
Somewould say she has too many passions to be summed up in just one, but her true friends and family know that she loves animals and their human treatment. This can be seen in how she treats her ownanimals that range from the normal cats and dogs to the exotic butterflies of her family collection. Although, it would be impossible to talk about all what she does for her animals, but she truly lovesthem, and will go to all lengths to protect them and nurture them.
Even in a new hemisphere, her pets still cry out for her when they hear her voice through chat. Yohanna is a woman that haslearned how to balance the demands of a modern and exciting life without losing sign of the little things in life that truly matter. It can be assured, that no animal that lives with her, will ever beanything less than truly happy.
After all the effort she put on her Biology degree, Yohanna decided to change her major, she wants to be a nurse; she found another passion helping people to deal withtheir diseases, and after she got married, she told her husband that she wanted to make a difference, that she wanted to start the nursing program, and he support her as he always does.
After a...