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  • Publicado : 21 de enero de 2012
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In a company where the structure is closed, machist and intolerantly for other forms of relations, guarantee does not exist for a good formation, for which there are no logical reasonings in theprejudices that are issued towards the homosexuals and his children.

In many countries one fights for this and as Zapatero said " the homosexuals are civil with right plenary sessions and for itcreditors of the same consideration and respect who deserve those who are not ".

In addition if we want to advance, why don´t we do it from house?.
This intolerance towards the homosexual personsarises in our country from remote times where the children were educated without the manifestation of feelings and emotions, since alone this corresponds to the women and to the weak persons and likethat many generations have grown
That´s why I propose that from house we should educate the following ones and these young generations tolerantly towards the differences, for which there are noarguments that sustain that children are affected by this situation since we have not seen resulted in this change.

On the other hand the catholic church in Mexico thinks that the failure demonstratesthe "levity" of the secretaries on not having born in mind the common good of the minor and to consider it to be an animal without respect to his dignity, since on having come with an evil marriagecommits an atrocity.

And as all of us know there are so many children in orphanages hoping that someone manages to want them and to adopting them, though it was demonstrated in The United States bythe academy of pediatrics of The United States, they can adopt the homosexual marriages, they came to this conclusion after years of production of diverse studies that they concluded that the childreneducated by them do not differ from the children raised by the heterosexual marriages.

The adoption needs of 2 healthy adult persons who want to love, to be careful and to respect, always there...
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