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Conditional Sentences (Frases condicionales)
Conditional use means that an action depends on another. Conditionals are used to talk about real or unreal. In general, conditional sentences have theword "if" (si).

Note that there is no conditional tense for the English and available in Spanish. At the same time, use the auxiliary verb "would" to form the conditional in English.

There arefour types of conditional sentences and the use of one over another reflects the likelihood of action.
Conditional Types (Tipos de los condicionales)
Zero Conditional
This type is used when thecondition of the conditional and the result is always true, such as scientific facts.
* Ejemplos:
* If you heat water to 100° C, it boils. / Water boils if you heat it to 100° C. (Si calientas aguaa 100 ° C hierve.)
* If I don't practice the piano everyday I play poorly. / I play the piano poorly if I don't practice everyday. (Si no practico el piano cada día toco mal.)
* Does your momget mad if you don't call her? / If you don't call your mom, does she get mad? (¿Si no la llamas a tu madre, se enoja?)
First Conditinal (Tipo 1)
This type of conditional uses for the future and incases where it is likely that the condition will pass.
* Ejemplos:
* If Bill studies, he will pass the exam. / Bill will pass the exam if he studies. (Si Bill estudia, aprobará el examen.)* If it doesn't rain, we will go to the beach. / We will go to the beach if it doesn't rain. (Si no llueve, iremos a la playa.)
* Will you take the train if you miss the bus? / If you miss thebus, will you take the train? (¿Cogerás el tren si pierdes el bus?)
Second Conditional (Tipo 2)
Type 2 is used to express an unreal possibility at present, as a wish or a dream, or an action in thefuture is not likely.
* Ejemplos:
* If I won the lottery, I would travel around the world. / I would travel around the world if I won the lottery. (Si ganara la lotería, viajaría alrededor...
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