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Jacques Cousteau
(Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Saint Andre de Cubzac, France, 1910-Paris, 1997) French Oceanographer. He entered the French Naval Academy in 1930, and, after serving in the Far East andlearn to fly airplanes in 1943 first tested a mask underwater. For a long time, the mobility necessary to allow a quick exploration of the seabed and maintenance of breathing underwater for a reasonableperiod seemed irreconcilable objectives. The heavy conventional scuba diver moved awkwardly in the underwater environment, always tied to a lifeline.

Jacques Cousteau
However, Jacques Cousteaudesigned new equipment: fully underground struggle against the German occupation, he invented in collaboration with engineer Emile Gagnan, scuba, device that combined two previous inventions: theregulator or pressure reducing and Rouquayrol-Denayrouse compressed air tank commander Le Prieur. This mechanism, called the aqualung, made ​​possible the birth of diving as a sport.
In order to bring theunderwater world to the viewer, Cousteau also designed a camera designed especially for underwater recordings with which he began working on their ocean dives. After the film Wreck (1945), Landscapesof silence rolled Cousteau (1947), dives Card (1950), The Silent World (1955) and World Without Sun (1964). He also directed the pilot program to survive in the ocean floor, called "Precontinente ',in which art was used as dwellings submarines and decompression chambers.
Inventor of numerous mills underwater exploration, Cousteau aboard his famous ship Calypso, was able to drive home themysteries and wonders of the underwater world, and was one of the pioneers in advocating for environmental causes. His work in the exploration, promotion and conservation of the wonders of the underwaterworld earned him countless awards both as international recognition.

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