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Is one cumulative policy good or bad for students?
As requested, I asked the students of Montessori school especially 8th grade they think about one cumulativepolicy.
1st of all, most of the students said it was better to have one exam per day because they could study and prepare better each test. They said this becausethey will have more possibility to pass, also some students said that it was better to have one exam because they don’t like to study. However, some students saidthat it was better to have 2 exams per day because you will finish all the exams in just one week instead of two. They also said that they don’t care to study twoexams per day because they have time to study for both exams.
To have two exams each day isn’t the best choice because you have to study a lot each day. I suggestto the school that they continue using this policy for students to have better grades and for them to study more.
Furthermore some students have thought that theschool should make a rule for the teachers that consist on not homework’s or quices during exam time, because it will be the same thing to study for a quiz than studyfor a second cumulative. So the students said that for them to get better grades in the exams they should not put homework’s or quices during exam time.
Lastly,some students said it’s a great idea to study for one cumulative each day but they said that they will prefer to study for two exams in the weekend so in Monday theyhave two exams and the other days they have just one, they said this because in the weekend they can study one day for one exam and the other day the other exam.
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