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Dead but Alive

I would like it were different, but just at first, the character that I chose is invaded by a huge sadness, indeed. Because the events of the next few days begin to go on he realizes many things that he did not understand before. People had given him up for dead because of his irreparable illness allegedly. However, he realizes that finally is alive to become to be Master ColinCraven. “And by his side with his head up in the air and his eyes full of laughter walked as strongly and steadily as any boy in Yorkshire—Master Colin!”(P.375). Under my point of view this child is the second protagonist to the story that stands out at the end. At first in Misselthwaite house Colin Craven does not exist because nobody says nothing about him. "Your father!" gasped Mary. "No oneever told me he had a boy! Why didn't they?"(P.157). As this boy get changing little by little I will say that he is a Martyr at first because of his bad condition when he is introduced to us, secondly he begins to show us that he is such a shrewd person about his knowledge that he had gotten from books, and I dare to say he becomes to be a hopeful boy the rest of his life.

He leads a verysolitary life both due to lack of love and poor affection from his father and the death of his mother, no wonder that he wants to be dead. Indeed his behaviour is in a mood, He makes people feel and think that he is dying and he thinks the same inside himself.
He hates people who feel compassion about his appearance. Even though he wants to see himself as sick as possible. He does not approve peopleexpression when they see him…“Sometimes I have been taken to places at the seaside, but I won't stay because people stare at me“.(P.160).The Martyr wants to show everybody his real spiritual pain, it was difficult to full the sadness with some tears but dreadful crying to take it out. For example when he cannot sleep he starts to cry out in pain as louder as possible. Calling the attention fromthe others who live in the huge and strange and plenty of secrets house makes him feels worst, instead. However it was not a secret, his own martyrdom become to be the reason of loosing control about himself trying to clarify why his father is not interested in anything about him. According to his mind his father who had being avoid and forbidden people stay close to him, not only because he doesnot want to hear them comment about his body condition of his only son, because he is ashamed to admit he is embarrassing, but also because of the similarity of the boy’s eyes he has with his wife’s eyes. "My mother died when I was born and it makes him wretched to look at me. He thinks I don't know, but I've heard people talking. He almost hates me."(P.159)

When he becomes to have touch withhis cousin Mary and realizes that he is surrounded by both a stately house and huge gardens his imagination and knowledge that had been gotten from many books that he had been reading “One of his nurses had taught him to read when he was quite little and he was always reading and looking at pictures in splendid books”(P.161).This fact allow to him fly in wonderful and amazing and incredible worldplenty of his real desires to live. As he always is hidden in his big room trying to pass the time, he spends it reading illustrated books about different kind of flowers and plants and animals and more many things. Although he wants to make great scientific discoveries starting explaining the magic that is surrounding him now, the charming animals, or the garden that is coming alive The shrewd boyis not developing his feelings, it is to say, his good feelings about love and to be alive, but he is improving his knowledge about culture, nature and many interesting good things which he had found in several books. His scarcely motion about seeing and talking with somebody else makes to him spending his time reading and reading books, keeping his mind and imagination inside another kind of...
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