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  • Publicado : 20 de agosto de 2012
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A Devoted father
Why does Bill call her little daughter as a big girl? An interesting story, where the sadness and happiness are present in the same way, it is bill´s life which isbetween feelings of a devoted father and the responsibility of keep away his illness, while he is a prey of anxiety and triumph, this is ironic but real.
Bill´s life is emotionally endingbecause his wife dead and he is alone, however he has one thing he adore, one reason for living, it is his little daughter Minna, she is the whole universe for him. Bill´s life has sensebecause of Minna, and He think to go on for her. He does many different things in order to be an excellent example for her, even he prays to heaven to be a good father: “Lord, make me doright by her if you see me doing wrong.” These are the words he used to say. He does everything that a woman would easily do, but man never easily does, the following citation indicateshis efforts: “He swept, all but corners, and he dusted, dabbing at every object; and he complained that after he had cleaned the windows” That is the proof of his love for Minna.
One dayBill refuses Minna´s kisses, because he needed a excuse to be responsible, so he gives an answer, “He held her arm’s length, looked in her eyes, said: Minna’s a big girl now. She doesn’twant Papa to kiss her.” These words means a father in a dichotomy, he loves her and he want to demonstrate it, but, how? Well as his emotional life was ending, his physical life begins toend. There is not another way, six months and he will die.
He seeks the way to explain to minna the situation, which a little girl does not understand, he loves her with all his heart,and he did not want to hurt her, even if he had to suffer more.
This short story is an explanation of a devoted father, an acknowledgment to a father´s love who gives all for his daughter.
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