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¿How to solve the problem of stray dogs?
(Santiago August 29 th , 2012)

a big problem that stalks our cities and that is to become almost a problem country is the issue of stray dogs and how to fix it.
latent problem which we see every day, as we can see both the government (municipalities),animalistic societies have a constant struggle regarding this problem as we see below promoting various campaigns which take precedence directly.

¿ How to solve to problems of stray dogs ?
One of the great problems of our society towards animals is the subject of stray dogs. for years has sought a solution to this problem, but the methods are not sufficient or are not appropriate as it has cometo bring these beautiful animals, as the saying "the dog's best friend man, "but we're the best friend the dog?
As inhabitants of the town of High Bridge can live in the flesh and to certify that the issue of stray dogs is a big problem in our community. as we are with them everyday on the streets in the streets of our community, but this is not a district problem but a problem "country".recently in the news Chilevision raised precisely this problem because it conveyed a note about stray dogs in Valparaiso, which has become a problem for citizens who are threatened by these "packs" so to speak and to dogs who live in separate appalling and are abused by passers that through violence and abuse these animals try to eliminate them these "pests" that lurks.
although there are also thosepeople who unwittingly give an example the move to bring their cars or inadvertently attack when they feel threatened, and ultimately, a little way when there are these people who have a chance to give them food and shelter and although this looks like a good action which even multiple of times we've done does not solve anything even on occasion is compounded because the dogs get used to this lifeof street.
because this problem is already bigger than us it is time that this problem is taken as a problem country and the government takes over looking for a solution that does not move to bring these animals and people become more responsible and to take the weight of what it means get by a pet.
even saw the note about the case, speaking tourists who were called much attention they had somany dogs in the streets and in their countries were not seen those things.

becoming almost a heritage of the garden city of stray dogs, because if the subject is present every day in the life of all, if we all live every day this firsthand why nobody does anything?
the "big" solutions that the government has given to name a few, as they took Santiago Mayor Pablo Zalaquet to ban food stray dogswhich would be fined So a figure of $ 200,000 that we let them die? hunger? because they give so much of that damage be denied food if they are hungry and cold as well as we are also living beings that feel everything and have feelings and they can tell when people grab them without cause damage, they also suffer to be in these conditions so cruel.
also we can find for us the law approvingmacabre exterminate stray dogs in Chile.
but thank God even in this country there people with common sense who came out to protest against this horrible abuse but unfortunately, and the state took care of ominously kill all dogs to be crossed on the way.
as happened in the town of San Juaquin as measured using the elimination of callejerros kill dogs without a permit bequeath to perform this action,they take their own measures.
us as lovers of these beautiful animals we strongly disagree with these measures, we believe that the authorities should join the slogans of the organized civil society sensitized to the issue raised by the following:
* no extermination of stray dogs
* yes to life and education (responsible trend)
* a nation follows the paths of development not only for economic...
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