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  • Publicado : 27 de julio de 2010
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Janisel Vázquez Díaz

Linnette González Reyes

Prof. Nelly Vázquez

English 3104

July 14, 2010

Death Penalty

Death or capital punishment has become a controversy in the world becausethere are some people in favor like some governments; others against it like some religions and also are a very expensive procedure to implement this punishment to prisoners. It has become one of theultimate denials of human rights and a degrading punishment done in the name of justice for the crimes committed. Now of days, two-thirds of the countries of the world have abolished the deathpenalty in law or in practice; while 58 countries retained it practices. Some religions like the catholic are against it because it violates the right to live and only god can determine who can live.Capital punishment is often the subject of controversy. Opponents of the death penalty argue that it has led to the execution of innocent people, that its main motive is not justice but revenge and tosave money, that life imprisonment is an effective and less expensive substitute, that it discriminates against minorities and the poor, and that it violates the criminal's right to life. Supportersbelieve that the penalty is justified for murderers by the principle of retribution, that life imprisonment is not an equally effective deterrent, and that the death penalty affirms the right to life bypunishing those who violate it in the strictest form.

Different religions have different beliefs concerning capital punishment. Even individual religions have contradictory beliefs. For instance,the Bible clear states the death penalty as valid and just, yet at the same time murder is not allowed and salvation must be offered. Since not everyone is of the same religion and each person caneven interpret the same religion differently, the role of religion concerning the death penalty is very unclear. This is why governments should separate state and church.

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