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  • Publicado : 10 de agosto de 2010
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In this document I will talk about the ecosystems, and a few of the global warming, this topic is very important for me, because if we lose all the ecosystems and the Earth continue doing the “greenhouse effect” the polar circles will melt and it can do that some parts of the continents, countries and almost islands will disappear, and I think that nobody want that.

The theme is a good projectthat are doing in United Kingdom to preserve someone animals, plants and ecosystems that we are losing about our irresponsibility with the life of the world, we can do something but if we continue dropping garbage, and eliminating with all we have around us, the only exit could be the extinction of us.

The Eden project as St. Austell in Cornwall is a magnificent example for how nature can beprotected and appreciated at the same time.

The project is a mostly made up of three separate dome, or “biomes”. These biomes are like special greenhouses and contain plant life and ecosystems from around the world.

The Humid Tropic Biome contains plants from hot, wet places such as the Amazon region, West Africa, Malaysia and Oceania. The Warm Temperate biome houses plats from warm, dryareas such as California, South Africa and de Mediterranean. The third biome has no roof because it contains plants that are suitable for the cool, wet British climate. All the plants in the biomes are grown from seeds and cutting that are collected from plants all over the world.

Only certain birds, insects and reptiles that fit within each environment have been included in the ecosystems.Together with other schemes, the Eden Project carries out breeding programmes to try to preserve endangered species.

With its strange glass structures, the Eden project looks more like a space station that anything you would expect to see in Cornwall. However it is an exciting new look into the natural world.

This project is care about zoos, because when we think of a zoo and imagine animalsimprisoned in cages is what usually comes to mind. Fortunately a revolution has been taking place in zoos across the world, and it looks as though things will never be the same again. This is fantastic news for the animals, who are seeing their concrete cage gradually disappear and are enjoying greatly improved living conditions which are as close to their natural habitats as possible.

A new set ofguidelines, called the European Union Zoo Directive, is coming into effect. It has already forced zoos to review their role in animal welfare. Recently British zoos have created natural environments where animals are happy to live. They use water and other natural barriers as well as hidden fences to separate the animals from each other and from visitors.

The new conservation role of zoosinvolves the breeding of endangered species in captivity. This is carried out in cooperation with other zoos. Together they try to maintain the animal’s health as well as increase their numbers.

This is an exciting time for Europe’s zoos. Their new roles mean that they can become a time capsule, preserving and increasing the numbers and life expectancy of much of our wildlife.

We can do it if wecollaborate all the time, no killing animals, no buying their skins in black stores, if we destroy all the ecosystems, we will lose a lot of innocent species, they do not have nothing to do because they did not do it, is our problem and we need to do this type of things, this is the time to do something if we don’t do it we won’t alive for more time.

En este documento voy a hablar de losecosistemas, y un poco del calentamiento global, este tema es muy importante para mí, porque si perdemos todos los ecosistemas, y la Tierra seguirá haciendo el "efecto invernadero", los círculos polares se derriten, se puede hacer que algunas partes de los continentes, países e islas casi puedan desaparecer, y creo que nadie quiere eso.

El tema es un buen proyecto que están haciendo en Reino Unido...
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