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Fernanda: Kristen Stewart (Bella swan)
Yolotzin: Elizabeth Reaser (Esme Cullen)
Lisbeth: Nikki Reed (Rosalie halen)Adriana: Ashley Greene (Alice cullen)
Yadira: entrevistadora
Yadira: Hi Elizabeth how are you?
Yolotzin: hi Yadi, im good and you?
Yadira: very well thanks, talk us about your character, what do youfeel been Esme Cullen?
Yolotzin: well I can tell you that it’s easy been a vampire mother, because you just tried not to laugh in front of the cameras, obviously having a very handsome husband likePeter doing Charlise, a strong and handsome like Robert doing Edward.
Yadira: really o my gosh, I hope one day all be part of your family. I don’t think so. How is Esme Cullen?
Yolotzin: I lovebeen Esme, she´s a good mother she loves all her family and been all ready grandmother with Renesme´s born, she will protect her family no matter what!!
Yadira: nice I can see that!! We have to go oncommercials but will be back with more of twilight saga women’s.
Yadira: and we are back with this twilight girls.
Yadira: how did Stephenie Meyer, Mark Morgan and
Bill Condon toll youwere part of this?
Yolotzin: guess what I have no idea I was taking a shower when my cell phone rang, I answered and toll me Elizabeth is it you have good news your part of the twilight saga, Istarted to scream in the shower I could not believe….
Yadira: it’s great, hope you dint fall. Thanks Elizabeth.
Yadira: Well Nikki you know how is this.
Lisbeth: well what can I say twilight saga it’s awonderful experience that I think all never forget, it something extraordinary.
Yadira: describe Rosalie for us!
Lisbeth: as you know Rosalie it’s all way mad because she never wish to be a vampire.But with renesme born she will be happy and protect her like her own daughter like she all ways wanted!
Yadira: that’s great, tell me Rosalie story!
Lisbeth: Rosalie felt in love with a brutal...
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