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Benetton Group SpA is an Italian clothing brand, founded in Beneto Ponzano (Italy). The name comes from the family name of the founders of the company. The Benetton company was founded in1965. Listed on the Stock Exchange of Italy.
The story began in 1955 when Luciano Benetton, the eldest of four children, was only 20 years and worked as a salesman in Treviso. He realized that peoplewanted to color in their lives and especially in your clothing. Bike sold a younger brother to buy the first weaver of second hand, and began to market a small collection of sweaters to local storesin the area of Veneto. The positive reaction to his designs was only the beginning of a solid start. Soon after, she asked her sister and two younger brothers, Giberto and Carlo, to join the business.In 1966, Benetton opened its first store in Belluno and in 1969 in Paris, with Luciano as chairman, his brother Giberto in charge of the administration, his younger brother Carlo production, andGiuliana as a chief designer.
Its core business is the casual clothing line (informal) "United Colors of Benetton", "Sisley" more focused on high fashion, "Playlife" clothes for every occasion.
Itsproducts include clothing for men, women, children and underwear. Recently expanded the business of perfumes and toiletries, household items such as kitchen accessories and baby products.
AdvertisingBenetton in 1990 was known in the United States to produce a series of controversial ads of long duration, sometimes offensive have led to a number of media critics accusing the company of deliberatelycreating controversy to sell their products. This publicity campaign originated when photographer Oliviero Toscani was given carte blanche by the Benetton management. The ads entitled "United Colorsof Benetton" included images apparently are not related at all with clothing that is sold by the company, as scenes of people dying of AIDS, panicked crowds jumping from a ship that is sinking, a...
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