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SEMESTER:   II                   

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TOPIC:   APPEARANCE: How to describe people
Time work:   3 hours.
Introduction:   In this unit we will learn how to describe people by their appearance. We willalso learn how to ask question to know how people is dressed or about their looks.

Grammar focus:  

• What does he look like?

He’s brunette, tall, brown eyes, curly black hair.

• What does he wear?

He wears a black coat, a hat and boots.

• Does he wear pants?

Yes, white pants.


• How old is she?

She’s 25 years old.

• How old isMike?

He’s in his forties.


• How tall is she?

She’s 6 feet 1.
She’s 6 feet 2 inches.
He’s 5 feet 3


• How long is her hair?

It’s medium length.
It’s verylong.

• What color is his hair?

It’s red.
He has blonde hair.


What’s wrong?

Look at the pictures. Correct the three mistakes in each description.

1. Teresa is old. She’sa little heavy. She’s got long blond hair.
She looks a lot like Megan. She’s wearing a black sweater.

Teresa isn’t old. She’s young… she is 26 years old, she has blonde hair,

She is a heavyhair , she has6 feet 1 She is beautiful she is a wavy , medium length and black eyes.

2. Megan is young. She’s very thin with long
curly hair. She looks a lot like Teresa. She’s
wearing a white...
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