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  • Publicado : 15 de diciembre de 2011
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The things I would change

Hello my name is Josmarie and today I will talk about some thing that I would like to change in Puerto Rico. One of thethings that would like to change in P.R would be the crime as it is a problem taht is very present in the country. Crime has always existed but is nowmore present than before. This problem can be solved like other teach good values to children and young people and enforcing the law.
Drugs isanother problem that would change because most of those who are involved in these problems are young people. I think if from small children are taughtvalues do not pass these things often. To me it’s very sad to see young people make the news because they are involved in drugs or even lose their lives. Isvery sad as young people damage their future with drugs.
Another thing to change would be the injustice in this country. Justice in this countryapplies to only a few. I think there is equal for all. There are always people who pay under the table to get along with the justice and that’s not right.If I had the opportunity to change the way people think, would not change weapons or money, just the thought of poeple, because if you change that,you change all. There are people who only think negatively or are always complaining about what happens to them instead of looking at thing goods andpositive side. Not everything in life is bad, people should change their thinking so they do not have many people with mental and emotionals problem.
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