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In response to the call for proposals, the purpose of this report is to assess the suitability of ‘Sauce for the goose’ as the basis for a short film script.General information
‘Sauce for the goose’ is a short story about a crime due to jealousy. It has been written by Patricia Highsmith, a Texan writer who grew up in New York. Thestory was published in 1984.
The plot
Olivia is a widow who starts a relationship with a younger man on the basis that she has killed her husband and gained his fortune. Herlover, however, still sees himself as a free person and wants to kill her and get the fortune she was gained. However, he does not know that she wants to kill him too.
In the end,both of them die in the same place due to their plans to kill each other.
According to our proposal, the film starts using flashback, showing where they die. Then, Steven,followed by Olivia, would tell the audience his view from the beginning of their story.
Target audience and message
The story would be suitable for teenagers and adults who arein love or who are not very empathetic in their daily lives.
Then, the message would be focused on empathy as the title of the story suggests. It means if a particular type ofbehavior is acceptable for one person, it should also be acceptable for another person.
Positive points
• People who are not empathic could feel alluded and so change theirbehavior.
• The flashback at the beginning would maintain the audience intrigue until the end.
Negative points
• There are only three main characters represented and they alldie.
• It might be difficult to get a deep freeze
We all think it is a complete proposal in spite of the disadvantages. In our view these could be solved easily.
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