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• Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer was born in Seville, on February 17, 1836 with the last name of Domínguez Bastida, but he chose his Flemish father's second last name of Bécquer, as thefamily was known around town.
• Bécquer was left an orphan at an early age: he lost his father at age 5, and his mother only 6 years later. Young Gustavo began his education at San Antonio Abadschool, until he was admitted as a student of San Telmo school in 1846, a nautical institution.
• In 1853, at the age of seventeen, he moved to Madrid to follow his dream of making a name for himselfas a poet.
• Life in Madrid wasn’t easy for the poet. The dream of fortune that had guided his steps towards the city were replaced by a reality of poverty and disillusionment.
• Thiscollaboration went on until 1860. At that time, Bécquer worked intensively on his belated project Historia de los templos de España (History of Spain’s temples), the first volume of which saw the light ofday in 1857.
• It was also during this period that he would meet the young Cuban poet Rodríguez Correa, who in 1860, Rodríguez Correa found Bécquer a government position, from where he was firedshortly after for spending his time writing and drawing while on the job.
• In 1861, Bécquer met Casta Esteban Navarro, and married her in May 1861.
• The poet wrote very little about Casta,as most of his inspiration at this time (as it is the case with the famous rima LIII) came from his feelings towards Elisa Guillén.
• In 1865, Bécquer stopped writing for the magazine ElContemporáneo and began writing for another one called El museo universal.
• With the sole purpose of putting bread on the table, Bécquer went back to writing for El museo universal, and then left to takethe job of literary director of a new artistic magazine called La ilustración de Madrid.
• the poet also became gravely ill and died in poverty in Madrid, on the 22nd of December in the year...
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