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Anatomy and Physiology I
The Human Body; an orientation Introduction Anatomy (Gross, Systemic, Regional, microscopic, Developmental)

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The study of the structure of the body Describesshape, size, location, etc of parts

Physiology (Neurophysiology, Cardivascular, Renal, Muscular) The study of the processes of living things

Describes what structures do and how they do itStructural and functional Organization The human body is made of small building blocks. The small building blocks are put together to build larger structures. The building blocks get larger and more complexFinally we have a complete human Levels of structural organization l Atoms  molecules CellsTissuesA group of similar cells that work together to perform a specific functionOrgansOrgansystemsorganisms

Characteristics of life a) Organization & Boundaries b) Metabolism c) Digestion & excretion d) Response to stimuli e) Movement f) GrowthReproduction g) Homeostasis (steady state) Definition________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Deviation from the proper levels by a tiny amount maycause… ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Examples of homeostasis Temperature Fluidlevels Fluid pH Blood pressure Blood glucose Calcium levels Electrolyte balance Controlling homeostasis uses negative biofeedback Negative biofeedback________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Examples of negative biofeedback If your temperature is too high… You: Sweat Blood vessels move blood towardskin surface If the blood glucose level is too high As a response Insulin is released If the Calcium level is too low The body responds by Releasing parathyroid hormone

Language of anatomy...