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According to the Russian proverb: “The family is a rope whose knots are never undone”, it does not matter who you are, where you have been thelast years or your mistakes, your family will be with you ignoring all those things that have been part of your life; definitely something that makes family so special is to see how far they can be,but how close you can feel them. Distance is the key that opens the door that shows you the most important aspect in your life, your family.

I never wanted to go out of my city Bucaramanga since Iwas born in august 1 1990, even of my country, Colombia, I am the kind of person that loves her country, but I had to leave because Alain, my father was working in the United States. He missedClemencia, my mom, Andrea my little sister and me a lot. Of course he wanted to get close to us, everyone in the family was having mixed emotions; for example, my mom was nervous, while my sister was so happyon my case, I was sad, but we knew that my father’s dream was to keep the family together.

At the moment we arrived to the international airport, the environment was absolutely different, the airhad a different smell and people were different, of course physically, but also in their eyes I could see a plenty of feelings reflected and not all of them were excited, I was sure of that. In thatmoment, I never thought what kind of emotions I was going to experiment; the only good thing was to see my dad after 2 years. It had been a long time without feeling

again that beautiful sensation.While we were getting home, dad started to ask us about the journey, and he was surprised to find us that big, I was 14 years old, while my sister was seven in 2004. Finally we arrived home and withus the dark night; I was so tired, I decided to go to sleep, but I couldn’t. I started to remember my grandmother and my grandfather, they were the people that I love with all my heart it was...
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