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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2012
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What makes the economy tick? What is the life blood of the economy? These are questions are might ask. I will tell you what makes them tick andsurvive. The answer is probably what you are thinking: Businesses in other words more particularly small business is the driving force behind the economy. That iswhere the great recession of the past few years takes place. Ultimately, small scale enter prizes are most affected by the great recession. While largecorporation maybe bailed out by the government or survive due to large reserves of funds. Small businesses are not so lucky. Due to their limited funds, they areforced to lay off workers and to eventually fold up. I to avoid a total collapse we need more innovation and creativity in the growth of the economy byreinforcing the education and working together for better solutions.
The reason for the economy to collapse is due to the lack of investment in new jobs. Local andexisting businesses have not been supported with enough federal budgets. Evaluating the statistics, it’s simple to understand that the major polemic in economyis the unemployment and slow jobs growth. Recently financially reports have showed the up and down rate in the business market. There most be a commitmentfrom the Government to have a plan to repair the down hill economy which is still suffering from the impact of the Great Recession.
In conclusion the economywas an issue many years ago and it still is today. Now it seems more clearly what really makes the economy tick. Businesses are the blood of the economy.
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