Ensenanza De Espanol

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This research is aimed towards contributing to the domain of bilingual Study between Hindi and Spanish. In this age of globalization the interactions at every level, be it social, political,economical or cultural, has greatly increased between the Hispanic world and India. The greater interaction between the people from these two worlds has created a need to develop tools which may assist in theinterpersonal communications currently hampered by the linguistic differences between the people from these two worlds.
The focus of my research work is in this context and aims towardscontributing to the domain of bilingual study between Spanish and Hindi. This research is an attempt to do a comparative study between the structural grammar of Modern Standard Hindi, which the constitution ofIndia recognizes as the official language of Republic of India, and Spanish, popularly known as Castilian (Castellano) which is recognized as the official language by more than 20 countries around theworld.
The Spanish language belongs to the Indo-European group of languages and is directly derived from Latin. The official Spanish also known as Castilian (Castellano) is a Romance language whichmeans it is vernacular descendent of Latin which was the official language of the Roman Empire. Thus, Spanish language finds its roots in vulgar Latin from which it was derived and carries a profoundinfluence of its mother language.
Like Spanish, Hindi also finds its roots in the other classical language Sanskrit. The current form of Hindi came into being witnessing evolutions through manycenturies and exists today in many dialectical variations. Hindi borrows much of its vocabulary along with its script from Sanskrit. The script of Hindi, Devnagari, in itself is derived from the ancientscript of Brahmi and was initially developed to write Sanskrit.
The proximity of Latin with Sanskrit and their role as parent languages of a number of languages today spoken in Europe and Asia has...
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