Ensuring lamp disposal safety

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  • Publicado : 3 de mayo de 2011
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Dextrite manufactures lamp disposers, which meets  environmental and safety regulations for the disposal of spent lamps. Our lamp disposers can safely crush spent
lamps reducing their volume by 90 percent, providing a cost effective solution. Examine the Dextrite product line and see how to best protect your workforce and the environment.

Dextrite, the Company.

More Than 40 Years ofEnsuring Lamp Disposal Safety.
Dextrite specializes in the design and manufacture of fluorescent lamp disposers, which meet environmental and safety standards for the disposal of spent lamps. Founded in Rochester, NY in 1968 and incorporated in 1969, the company then moved its production facility to Laval. Recently moved to Canada, Dextrite continues to 
be a leader in providing safe and innovativelamp disposal systems.

25 Years of Patented Designed Protection.
Dextrite received its first Canadian patent on June 4, 1985 and its first U.S. patent on April 7, 1987 for a lamp disposer, which featured revolutionary mercury vapor emission control. Dextrite has continued moving forward and now manufactures several models each model is designed to meet the end-users needs for crushing varioustypes of spent lamps, while utilizing the Dextrite patented pollution control features to protect both employees and the environment.

Up To Date Technology Providing Mercury Vapor Emission Control.
Dextrite's patent was awarded for a Multipurpose Lamp Disposer R.D.A 55 that could safely crush all types of spent lamps through one machine. Today's Dextrite patented products are equipped withelectronic and digital controlled sensors for timely drum change and filter replacements. This innovative concept is built into all Dextrite lamp disposers providing assurance in safety and reliability during the lamp disposal process.

Durable Protection that meets Government Regulated Safety Standards is very important to us.
Dextrite Lamp Disposers are built to function effectively withstandingthe most rugged industrial environments,
while meeting environmental and safety standards for entrapping mercury vapor emissions. Extensive and
thorough field-testing has proven Dextrite lamp disposers can safely crush spent lamps by reducing their volume
by 90 percent. This significant volume reduction provides a cost effective solution for the amount of waste you must discard. Each Dextritelamp disposer is backed by a knowledgeable staff with experience in the fields of both lamp disposal development and electronics. Examine the Dextrite product line today and see for yourself how to best protect your work force and the environment. You'll see first hand why for more than 30 years we maintain the slogan: Dextrite, Ensuring Lamp Disposal Safety.

RDA LAMP DISPOSER-Our top of the line model designed for máximum versatily, crushes all lamp types (straight tubes 4&8 feet, bulbs up to 7.5 in, U shaped and circular up to 15in In diameter or between legs). Emission tested and “on-site” preved for long durability.A dependabpe workhorse.Item code 25DRDA | LÁMPARA de RDA solicitante – nuestrosprincipales del modelo de línea diseñada para máximo versatilidad, aplasta lámpara de todos tipos (tubos rectos 4 & 8 pies, bulbos hasta 7,5 en forma de u y circular hasta la separación de diámetro o entre las piernas). Emisión probado y preved "in situ" de larga durabilidad. Un caballo de batalla de dependabpe. Código de artículo: . 25DRDA |
| |
CULC-V LAMP DISPOSER.Designed formultipurpose performance, crushes U-Shaped and starlight lamps. Optional “FTPG Kit” is olso available for the CULC model.Item code: 25DCULC-V | CULC-V LÁMPARA SOLICITANTE. Diseñado para rendimiento multipropósito, aplasta en forma de u y lámparas de starlight. Opcional "FTPG Kit" es olso disponible para el modelo CULC. Código de artículo: 25DCULC-V |
| |
LC-II LAMP DISPOSER.One for our earlier...
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