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Blood spilling, democratic winning

The United States foreign policy has changed over time; some think for good some for bad. Controversy over this issue is very normal, since the U.S governmentis a big controversy. Historic actions, or should I say WAR has shaped the United States international involvement. The government has been involved in international affairs, for their own good.They are only protecting themselves from the surrounding troubles.
We can name a few “military aids”, supporting democratic decision making; Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Cold War,Gulf War, and the War on Terrorism (Second Gulf War). These involvements provide a cover to the internal troubles, and the both political and economical interest. We have to face the reality of ourworld, the only thing that moves the world is the money involve. Governments from every country mind more for the biggest winnings.
The United States have spilled the blood of innocent people justto get what they want. The human nature is to be ambitious, to be the better, because at last just the strong wins over the weak. The government tries to tradeoff a “few lives” over a majorwinning. Is the history of the United States that tells us their real intentions over the world.
Providing security and promoting democratic values are the real intentions of the U.S. With war, theintention is not to establish democracy over the extinguished communism and dictatorship, is to get resources in the country invaded (e.g. Iraq invasion). To the United States government every country isan allied and a menace to their own safety. They should get less involve, getting the world to run its course.
Under good intentions and deceive, innocent blood has been spilled. Behind trulyunique excuses and covers, The U.S has influenced the many actions around the world, throughout history. It has managed to get internally involve in international affairs, to don´t be left behind.
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