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MicroStrategy Products
Measure the Success of Your BI Applications
Business intelligence (BI) applications are constantly evolving as new users, data, and requirements are added to the system. As this growth occurs it becomes critical for BI administrators to understand how their applications are being utilized in order to maximize the return on investment (ROI). While the qualitative benefitsof having a BI application are rapidly apparent, it is not as easy to quantify the business ROI achieved from a BI application. MicroStrategy Enterprise Manager is a BI application that reports on the activity and utilization of current BI implementations. Various user groups, including administrators, project managers, report developers, and help desk personnel, can easily access important BIapplication statistics such as report usage, most popular reports, user login duration, and With Enterprise Manager, administrators are more informed and can easily maintain application speed by eliminating unused reports, reduce downtime by identifying capacity or performance issues before they occur, and analyze historic usage patterns to plan for future application growth. Enterprise Managerenables report developers to better understand user adoption trends, identify patterns, and review project success. Project managers are equipped to plan for resources, analyze trends in project growth, and quantify and improve project ROI. Enterprise Manager facilitates proactive administration of a BI environment by measuring the performance and usage of the system. Areas of analysis are grouped intofour primary reporting areas: User Analysis, Project Analysis, Operational Analysis, and Performance Analysis.

Administrators and project managers require insight into their BI systems to monitor usage and ensure overall health. A well-functioning BI system adds significant value to the company and provides highly valuable returns. MicroStrategy Enterprise Manager provides historical analysesof activity in the BI system to measure the success of every application. These analyses improve the overall effectiveness of the system and ensure optimal returns.

resource utilization. This data, when combined with other relevant information, can be used to present a convincing ROI case study to executive sponsors.

Enterprise Manager Reporting Areas
User Analysis Project AnalysisOperations Analysis Performance Analysis

Core Focus
User activity monitoring and user behavior patterns Application development trends, object dependency, and object usage analysis User concurrency, data load monitoring, report processing, and system usage Impact of application and server settings on overall performance

Understand BI System Usage Through Comprehensive Monitoring Capabilities
UserAnalysis By understanding and documenting user activity, project managers can justify project costs and optimize the user experience in each BI application. Detailed statistics measuring application and database utilization provide a reliable method of allocating application-related costs to specific customers or business units. Administrators also monitor user activity information in order tooptimize reporting and effectively manage growth while increasing the value of the BI applications to users. User behavior patterns can be analyzed to indicate the significance of particular reports or objects. Promoting these reports encourages all users of existing BI applications to adopt best practices in report design.
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