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Aim: To identify topic sentences in order to predict the content of a reading text
Vocabulary: Words related to the universe
Structure: Present real and unreal conditional

Activity 1: Read and listen to the interview with the Canadian singer Avril Lavigne.

Avril Lavigne might have been virtually unknown inthe UK but don´t count on this anonymity lasting much longer. In the US she´s the undisputed Nº1 teenager sensation and not property she must be marvelous. Her magic is clearly working as the 17 years old Canadian has seen her debut album “Let´s go” already spend 12 week in the US album chart Top 10 selling in excess of a million copies. This week registering its highest position at Nº 3

Onmusic as a career: “Even since I was really young I knew that what I should do as professional was to sing. I was determined to do this and have been performing all my life.

I should have started before, I knew I could.”

ON STARTING OUT: “I started writing when I was 12. I was clever at music. I started teaching myself guitar and what inspires me to write is what I´ve been through therelationships I´ve been in and my opinions, I think I also should learn how to play the piano.

My lyric are real and honest, I know I can express my inner feeling.

ON COMPARISION WITH ALANIS MORISSETTE: I don´t think I get compared to her cause I´m honest, there are so many other hands out there that are honest, too, but I think I get compared to her just cause she´s Canadian too and she not somepop chick she´s a rocker.

ON WHAT SHE LISTEN TO : Today I was just listening to blink 182 and I like sum 41, System of a down. I like my rock music. I could have adopted their style, but I feel confident with mine.

ON LET GO: Let go is my first album and I wrote on every song. It took me about a year to finish cause it was hard at the beginning to find people who I wanted to work withwriters, producers people who understood me and what sound I really wanted to go with, And also showing and proving to the label that I could write cause at the beginning they pitched me songs and I had to fight to say no I can write my own I could continue talking to you but I unfortunately have to leave now.

Activity 2: Write yes or no in front of each question.

a. Is Avril Lavigne anAmerican singer? ______ _____

b. Was she sure that what she wanted to do was to sing? ______ _____

c. Does she inspire herself by her own experiences? ______ _____

d. Has she been compared to other singers? ______ _____

e. Did her label wanther singing her own songs from the

Very beginning? _____ _____


Objetivo: Identificar oraciones temáticas con el fin de predecir el contenido de un texto de lectura
Vocabulario: Palabras relacionadas con el universo
Estructura: La condiciónreal y lo irreal

Actividad 1: Lee y escucha la entrevista con la cantante canadiense Avril Lavigne.
Avril Lavigne podría haber sido prácticamente desconocida en el Reino Unido, pero no cuentes con este anonimato que dura mucho más tiempo. En los EE.UU. que es la indiscutible N º 1 sensación adolescente y la propiedad no debía ser maravilloso. Su magia está trabajando claramente como los 17 añosde edad canadiense ha visto a su álbum debut "Vamos" ya pasar 12 semanas en el Top 10 album tabla de EE.UU. vendiendo más de un millón de copias. Esta semana, registrando su posición más alta en el N º 3
En la música como una carrera: "Incluso desde que era muy joven supe que lo que debía hacer como profesional fue a cantar. Yo estaba decidido a hacer esto y han estado haciendo toda mi vida....
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