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Gabriel Medina
The story of a dog that was an actor for short period of time……

The story of a dog that was an actor for short period of time……

Bad Dog and that Hollywood Hoohah:
Author: Martin Chatterton
Setting: the story takes place in a film set.
Main Characters:
1. Bad Dog – this dog is very simple on his appearance, but with a good sense of humor. Lives in a dog shelter name City Dog Pound. For me he is funny because he expresses his feelings in afunny way.
Other Characters:
2. Fester – (Bradley Mifflin) he was called Fester because of his look of the uncle in the “Adams Family”.
3. Vince Gold’s – Artists agent. He has an Artist Agency named “Gold Agency”
4. Raoul De Cinque – The tall and thin guy. He’s mysterious man and Vince Helper.
5. Devon Spatula – The cute lady, she’s Vince girlfriend.
6. Anvil Studminder –Hollywood Actor. He has spiky hair, cigar, big arm muscles, big chest, and head band, camouflage pants big with shiny boots.
7. Mandy – personal dresser
8. Andy – dietician
9. Sandy – bodyguard
10. Candy – Assistant
11. Dandy – Candy’s assistant
12. Dr. Landry – Bad dog psychiatrists
13. Hayley Froob - most famous movie star
14. Filch Softly - Film director
15.The policeman
16. Jaz Reno - Comedian artist of the Jaz Reno show. It’s a nigh late show.
17. Preston Clouds – Entertainment guy
18. Nick Jackolson – Actor
19. Gwyneth – Actress
20. Leonardo – Actor
21. Alaskan Snow Cats - Cats
22. Actors – Antonio Banderas, Brad Pit, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Ben Afleck.
23. Mozart – Big shaggy hound dog
Story:This is the story of a dog that lives in a dog shelter (boring and uncomfortable). He loses the hope to be adopted. As others dogs he hates cats and every time he saw one near him, he turned very mad and throw the cat away like a ball. One day came to the shelter a movie agent (short and fat), Vince Gold’s, interested in a dog for a movie. The requirements were that the dog should have a bad andugly face. Vince, who was interested always in the material things, came to the shelter with his girlfriend, Devon, and his helper, Raoul, a thin and mysterious tall man.
After they check all the dogs, they choose Bad Dog because his simple appearance and his furious bad face. They called the dog “Bad Dog” and let him know that he will be famous, earned a lot of money and his life will change.With this idea the dog began to be famous. In the movie studio he has a lot of comfort. He had dietician, hair dresser, bodyguard, assistant, the assistant of the assistant and a psychiatrist. His meal was special and he has a dressing room. The dog was presented to a famous actor names Alvin Studminder, who plays a rude man as “Rambo” style in the movie named “Cake Fear”. In the first scenethe dog saw a cylinder and ignoring where he was pointing; he really was pointing Alvin with a bazooka that finally exploded the whole scene. Anvil and Vince likes the rude and aggressive attitude shown by Bad Dog. In the next scene, Bad Dog was supposed to save Anvil from an explosion in a mine. During the scene a cat pass in front of the setting making Bad Dog crazy and aggressive. While he triescatching the cat he broke the whole set. In the third scene Anvil was a retired commando of Special Forces who had a dog that was kidnapped and died in tragic way. In the middle of the film, Bad Dog met a famous sophisticated actress named Hayley Frobb and continues to her dresser. The scene continues and Bad Dog tries to rescue Anvil from a bomb and pulled him through his shirt. While he...
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