Entrevista en ingles a violeta parra

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Violeta Parra

We are close to one of the most known women who shape our national history, she was a singer, composer, painter, sculptress, bordadora and Chilean ceramist considered by many themost important folklore of Chile and founder of the popular Chilean music. He was a member of the prolific family Grapevine. Do you know already to whon I refer?
Hello Violeta, esperamos que teencuentres bien y lista para responder nuestras preguntas
Hello, hello.
1.- We know that you are many-sided, but wherefrom they come so much art in your life?
Well, since I was small with my brothers wewere amusing ourselves doing spectacles worried in the details, etc, It was a childhood where always the expression was quite.
2.- In the area of the music, always you have been very respected, verydear, what do you believe that they have your songs that it does that so many current musicians inspire and shake?
I do not know it, think that it is for that everything what I have done in my lifehas been done by me really with heart, everything what my hands reproduce is what my soul inspires, does not matter if it is silly or very deep, I express it for that I am I, and believe that it iswhat the people like it.
3. - How is it your history tied to your work?
Good, I come from a very humble family, where my mom did everything possible for extracting ourselves forward. My father die in1929, I was 15 years old and I went away to living to Santiago, did not go to the college anymore, so what was interested was the music, and from there I continued forward, sing in many parts.4.-How does this unite to the history of Chile in general?
In my voyages, I meet whit almost most of Chile, I knew people so wonderful as talented, as Pablo Neruda, Pablo de Rockho, etc
5. - Is yourrelation your brothers very narrow?
So yes, when my father died I went away to living with my brother Nicanor, there I did a duo with my sister, we were the " the Sisters Parra " touching boleros,...
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