Entrevista a william shakespeare

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William Shakespeare
1. Where were you born?
I was born in England in 1564 on April 23
2. When and where were you baptized?
On April 26 in 1564 in the parish church Holy Trinity of Stratfordupon Avon.
3. What are your parent’s names?
John Shakespeare and Mary Arden
4. How many brothers and sisters did you have?
I was the 3 child of 8, I was the first boy. We were 4 girls and 4boys.
5. Where did you studied?
I studied at the grammar school of Stratford, King's New School. There I studied theater and acting as well as Latin literature and history at the age of 11.6. What was your favorite food?
My favorite food was the noodle soup and chicken with mash potatoes.
7. When, where and with who did you married?
At the aged of 18 and with my father´s consentI married Anne Hathaway in the village of Temple Grafton, in 1582.
8. How many children did you have?
I had three children the first one was Susanna how married John Hall she was born in 1583,then I had twins a boy and a girl Judith who married Richard Quiney and Hamnet my only son, he died at the aged of 11. The twins were born in 1585.
9. Where did you go after you married and hadyour kids?
I went to London and I worked at The Glove Theater writing poems and plays.
10. Which of your plays was the first one to become popular?
My first play was Venus and Adonis and I did itin 1593
11. To who was that play dedicated?
I dedicated this play to my patron Henry Wriothesly, third earl of Southampton.
12. What was your next job after you wrote those poems?
Iassociated with The Lord Chamberlain's Men and we became the King's Men, who bought and performed most of Shakespeare's plays.
13. Where did you preform the plays?
We performed frequently at court, andin the theatres that I co-owned including the Blackfriars, The Theatre, and The Globe in London.
14. Did you acted in any of the plays?
I acted in a number of roles including the ghost in Hamlet...
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