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White Rabbit
Pat – The Lizard
Animal 1
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Cheshire Cat
March Hare
Crowd – Cards
Narrator (ARMANDO): It was a hot day in the forest, and Alice, a little and happy girl, started to get tired of being seated near her sister who was reading a book under a tree.Alice (KENYA): How can my sister be reading a book without any pictures? … Oh, if it weren´t so hot I would be making a daisy chain.
Narrator (ARMANDO): Then suddenly a White Rabbit with pink eyes ran close by her.  The Rabbit said to itself.
White Rabbit: Oh dear! Oh dear! Time is out, I will be late!
Narrator (ARMANDO): Alice was surprised, then she saw how the Rabbit took out a watch fromhis waistcoat pocket, and looked at it, and then ran away.  Alice stood up quickly.
Alice (KENYA): A Rabbit with a waistcoat and a watch!  I have to catch it!
Narrator (ARMANDO): Alice ran across the field after it, she was about to catch it, when the little animal went inside a large rabbit-hole under the hedge, and said.
White Rabbit: I can´t be late!
Narrator (ARMANDO): Alice followedthe Rabbit and went inside. The rabbit-hole went straight on like a tunnel for some way, and then dipped suddenly down.
Alice (KENYA): I am falling down through a very deep well… but I am falling very slowly!  It´s strange,
Narrator (ARMANDO): Suddenly the little girl, fell into a pile of dry leaves without getting hurt.  Alice stood up, and there was another long passage, and there was theWhite Rabbit still running.
White Rabbit: Oh my ears and whiskers, now I am really late!
Narrator (ARMANDO): There it was, the White Rabbit, very splendidly dressed, with a pair of white gloves in one hand, and a fan in the other.
White Rabbit: Oh! by this time the Duchess must be savage!  I can´t keep her waiting anymore!
Alice (KENYA): Mr. Rabbit!  Mr. Rabbit!  Wait Please!  Just amoment!  Listen to me!
Narrator (ARMANDO: When the Rabbit heard Alice, it got scared and dropped the white gloves, and ran away as fast as it could.  Alice picked up the gloves, and since it was hot, she fanned herself, and said.
Alice (KENYA): What a day!   Yesterday everything was so normal…
Alice (KENYA): Oh, it´s a mouse!  But since now I am small, I see it huge!  I will talk to the mouse, maybeit can answer me!
Narrator (ARMANDO:So she said.
Alice (KENYA): Tell me, mouse, do you know the way out of this here?
Narrator (ARMANDO: The mouse looked at her, but it didn´t answer.  Alice thought that maybe the mouse didn´t understand English, so she said the only thing she could remember in French.
Alice (KENYA): Ou est ma chatte?
Narrator (ARMANDO: Which means where is my cat? 
Alice(KENYA): Oh, please forgive me!  I forgot mice don´t  like cats.
Mouse: Look little girl!  I have my own reasons to dislike cats, someday I will tell you my story, and then you will understand how I feel. 
Alice (KENYA): It´s true!  It´s a parrot, a duck, and eagle, and many more!
Mouse: What do you think, parrot?
Parrot: I think we should have a race-course.
Alice (KENYA): A racecourse?  What´s that?
Parrot: You don´t know?  Look, it´s a sort of circle, but the shape doesn’t really.  When I say ready, everybody will start running.  Ready!  Go!
Narrator (ARMANDO: Everybody started running, and half an hour later, the parrot said.
Parrot: The race is over!
Mouse: Who won?
Parrot: Everybody has won!  All of you have to receive a prize.
Duck (Disko): Who will give the prizes?Eagle(Disko): Yes, who?
Parrot: The little girl, obviously!
Narrator (ARMANDO: Alice didn´t know what to do.  She put her hand in her pocket and pulled out a box of candies, and handed them round as prizes.  There was exactly one a-piece all round.
Mouse: What about her?  Isn´t she going to receive a prize?
Parrot: Of course she is!  Let´s see Alice, what else do you have in your other...
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