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  • Publicado : 10 de septiembre de 2012
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Emily: (Take the door).
Daniela: Hello, I’m Daniela she is Sor Francisca the comunity director, and she is Eloisa our physcholgist. Sit down, please.
Emily: Good morning, my name is Emily.Francisca: Hello Emily we saw your C.V and your skills are perfect for this work.
Daniela: Are you a teacher of secondary or primary school?
Emily: I’m teacher of high-school.
Eloisa: Which are yourstrenghts and weaknesses?
Emily: My strenghts are to be responsable, tidy and I like working with people. Well my weaknesses is that. I haven’t laboral experience because I graduated recently.
Francisca:Do you have inmediate availability?
Emily: Yes, of course.
Eloisa: Are you looking for a job in another places, too?
Emily: No, this is my first job interview with you.
Francisca: What salaryexpectations do you have?
Emily: My salary expectation is about two hundred thousand or three hundred thousand pesos.
Daniela: Eloisa, do you have the test here?
Eloisa: Oh no! I’ ve forgotten it.Daniela: I’m looking for it to your office, dont worry.
Francisca: Why do you want to work in this school?
Emily: Because it is a very good school and it has excellent education.
Daniela: Ready,here. I have the test.
Eloisa: thank you. Emily how you have to answer a test about your personality. Tell me what can you see in these stains? What can you see in this picture?
Emily: a butterfly.Eloisa: and in this?
Emily: a flower.
Eloisa: ok, very good, finally what can you see in this?
Emily: a woman.
Eloisa: Thanks you, I will analyse your answer.
Francisca: Emily thank you for yourentreview and you time. We will present your C.V to the school councellor and we will call you to give you the answer.
Emily: thanks you, I hope your answer soon Good Bye!
Eloisa: Ready, I have theresults of the test. Emily is a woman with a good personality for this work.
Daniela: Yes, I like her for that thies position.
Francisca: Ok, I agree with your comments, we will call Emily and will...
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