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I B E R C O L O M B I A.

E. U.

Preparation for the interview.
One of the most common and worst mistakes people make when interviewing, is not been prepared. When you walk into an interview,the more prepared you are, the better the chances are that you’ll succeed. The following are some tips to help you prepare for your upcoming interview.

1) Research: Knowing as much as possible abouta company
before you walk through the doors of an interview is a huge advantage to you. You especially want to know how the company has performed in the past and what its growth potential is for thefuture. It is also a good idea to research the industry in which the company operates in.

2) Prepares & practice: Prepare responses to likely questions
which the interviewer might ask, as well asquestions you have for the interviewer. Remember practice makes perfect!!!!!

3) Dress for success: Women’s interview attire.    
Solid colors, conservative suit. Professional shoes. Limitedjewelry. Conservative hair & make up.

Men’s interview attire.  Solid colors, conservative suit.  White long sleeve shirt.  Conservative tie.  Dark socks, professional shoes.  Neat, professionalhairstyle.
Miguel Diaz Medina. Page 1 of 3 15 February 1999.

I B E R C O L O M B I A.

E. U.

Some DO’s and DON’Ts during an interview:
1) DO arrive on time or a few minutes early. 2) DOgreet the interviewer by title (Ms, Mr., or Dr) and last name. 3) DO shake hands firmly and smile. 4) DO wait until you are offered a chair before sitting and do remember body language and posture:maintain eye contact, sit upright, and look interested at all times. 5) DON’T smoke or chew gum. 6) DON’T rely on your application or resume doing the selling for you. 7) DO show enthusiasm in the positionand the company. 8) DO make sure that your good points come across to the interviewer in an honest and sincere way. 9) DON’T ever lie. Answer questions truthfully, frankly, and concisely. Don’t...
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