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  • Publicado : 29 de agosto de 2012
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The mobile phone back to the beginning of the Second World War, which already saw that it was necessary to distance communication, that is why the company created a team called Motorola TalkieHandie H12-16, which is a team that allows contact with the troops via radio waves whose frequency band at that time did not exceed 60 MHz.
They began to refine and shape the characteristics of thisrevolutionary new system as it allowed to communicate at a distance. So in the 1980's it was to create a team that occupied similar resources to Talkie Handie but was intended for people who wereusually big business and should be communicated, that is where you create the mobile phone and dials a milestone in the history of wireless components and that the instrument could talk anytime andanywhere.
Over time, mobile telephony became more accessible to the public, to the extent that any normal person, even a child would know how to handle a cell pone.

In my personal opinion, themobile phone has been the greatest technological invention that there may have been in the last 80 decades.
He has been influential in major events around the world, allowing us to communicate withpeople thousands of miles away in just seconds, is the most wonderful for me.
Today, the existence of this invention has been spread throughout the world, to even very young children and get to ownone.
This technology improved over time, and will continue for years to come, as the technology today to not know where we can amaze.

* Connector for headset / handsfree * sleep button /activation
* Receiver * SIM card tray
* Button Ring / Silent * camera
* volume buttons* Status Bar
* Touch screen *application icons
* start button *Dock connector
* speaker...
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