Enviromental problems

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Pierre Bourdieu, Main Ideas
Social Structure (objectivism) VS Social action (subjectivism)
How it’s possible overpass this duality?
With two new concepts:
1.- HABITUS (Subjectivism):Ways of act, think and feel in a person. Depend of the social position.
The person obtains her habit through the socialization. The socialization is a tool of control of those who are responsiblefor controlling education. The Social class determines our acts and thoughts.
2.- CAMPUS (Objectivism) : Social space that is created around the valuation of social facts such as art, science,religion, politics…
Network of objective relations between objective defined positions, according the situation in the structure of the distributions of capital classes (Power).
There are differenthabitus in various campus.
Dominant field VS Dominated field
Common capital: Common interest groups fight for it. There are dynamic fields according interests (ranking)
Fields: Differentconfigurations of classes or social relations, where it’s join for have relations.
3.- TOTAL CAPITAL: Cultural capital and Social capital and other natural capitals.
Incorporated Cultural capital: Within ahigh class family or in a prestigious institution.
Objectified Cultural capital: Acquire or have extraordinary objects, work of art…
Institutionalized Cultural capital: Degrees and diplomas.
SocialCapital: Depend of the social relations.
Simbolic Capital: Also counts the honesty, honor, competence…

Pierre Bourdieu criticizes the culture saying that everybody should have access to theculture. Personally I think it’s one of the most important problems in the inequality of the classes. Across the mass media we are controlled, we only can choose our own movement inside the possible,because we have natural and social conditioning. But also we have the ability to determine who and what want to be.
Boudieu says that we play without knowing why, neither knowing how to do. We just...
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