Environment damage

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  • Publicado : 17 de noviembre de 2011
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Why it Happens and How to Stop it.
If someone was to come up to you one day and tell you that we are all living our lives all wrong and we have to change our ways immediately or we are all going to die, what would you do?
Would you hear that person out and evaluate their argument? Or would you just brush that person's warning off without taking the time to allow them toexplain their claims.
Over the years, there has been many religious groups and cult organisations telling us that the world is going to end and they are right about that. The Books that were given to us by The Ruler of the Universe, as a Guide and Users' Manual for planet Earth, tell us that the world is going to end, they even say when and how the end will be.
Unfortunately these religions andcult groups have mis-understood Earth's Guides / Users' Manuals and told us that if we don't believe their religious interpretation of them, we would surely be tortured and die.

Because of the religions' and cult groups' mis-leading information, people have been frightened away from The Users' Manuals and don't want to have anything to do with them or anyone who even mentions their names anymore. This is very unfortunate because The Guides / Users' Manuals contain the vital information that everyone on Earth needs to be able to live together in harmony, without hurting each other or the Earth we live on. Now that very few people read The Manuals, and nobody seems to understand them, nobody knows how to look after each other or the Earth 'The Way' we should any more and consequently weare all working all day, every day towards our own destruction.

Mankind is now the number one cause of all the destruction happening on Earth. As well as trying to destroy each other on the battle-field, we are the cause of a series of other disasters, beginning with the industrial exploitation of the resources of the Earth. This has become especially bad since the population of the Earthhas trippled in the last fifty years to a point which, even with more efficient means of distribution, there is simply not enough food to go around.
The seas and oceans are being poisoned by chemical products, oils, industrial and human waste. On land, especially in the industrial countries where most waste is actually "manufactured", there is increasingly little room to bury it and even when buried,noxious elements leech out and destroy the health of the area. An even greater problem is the disposal of Atomic waste, unsafe to dump into the sea and even more unsafe to bury under the land. An alternative possibility, that of sending it out into space, would perhaps create other more serious dangers, not immediately apparent to us.
The destruction of the Earth's rain forests by cutting (anestimated fourteen acres every minute) is constantly decreasing the production of oxygen (and rainfall) necessary for life, while other forests in Europe and North America are being poisoned by acid rain. The 'green-house' effect of overheating the Earth by excessive hydrocarbons and carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere, contributed to mainly by car-exhausts, is causing global-warming and the melting of thepolar ice-caps and glaciers, causing raised ocean-levels and un-seasonal and adverse weather patterns, known as the El-Niño (Christ child), which was prophesied 2,500 years ago in 2 Esdras, as being one of the 'Signs of The End Time' and La-Niña weather effects.
The development of atomic power first represented a danger to communities surrounding a Soviet plutonium plant at Kyshtym in the Winterof 1957-1958. This happened when the plutonium fallout from the inefficiently stored waste caused a blast which killed hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people. As a result, a wasteland occurred which wiped more than thirty towns from Soviet maps and a declaration of 'off-limits' of the affected area continued until the contaminated soil could be covered with new soil and sand by groups of...
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