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  • Publicado : 17 de septiembre de 2010
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Environment - how can you help protect it?
Our planet is in trouble! Almost every day we seem to hear of yet another problem affecting the environment - and what a list of problems! - pollution,acid rain, climate change, the destruction of rainforests and other wild habitats, the decline and extinction of thousands of species of animals and plants....and so on.
Nowadays, most of us know thatthese threats exist and that humans have caused them. Many of us are very worried about the future of our planet and unless we can find a way of solving the problems we have made then the environmentwill suffer even more.
We cannot leave the problem-solving entirely to the experts - we all have a responsibility for our environment. We must learn to live in a sustainable way i.e. learn to use ournatural resources which include air, freshwater, forests, wildlife, farmland and seas without damaging them. As populations expand and lifestyles change, we must keep the world in a good condition sothat future generations will have the same natural resources that we have.

* If you throw garbage in the rivers, are contaminated
* If you cut the trees, the forests are deforested
* ifyou throw the batteries into the trash, water is contaminated
* if you change your light bulbs with efficient light bulbs, you save energy and electricity
* if felling forests, you aredestroying the home of thousands of species
* if you throw garbage in the streets, you pollute yourself
* If you cause a fire, atmospheric pollution results
* If you use a lot of aerosols, damageto the ozone layer
* If you pour oil into the ocean, you cause the death of thousands of species
* If fishing in closed season, you cause the death of thousands of species

* If you usea lot of spray, the ozone layer will be destroyed
* If you cut a tree, the oxygen will be less
* If you throw garbage in a river, this river will be polluted
* If you leave the computer...
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