Environmental science policy

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Environmental Science and Policy

Making Decisions In An Uncertain World

Adaptive Management

A solutions approach designed to test clearly formulated hypotheses about the actions beingtaken. Learning by doing. Polices are designed at the outset to utilize scientific principles to examine alternative and
assess outcomes.

Wicked Problems

Environmental problems tend to beintractable because they are nested within sets of
interlocking issues. Often poor match between bearers of costs and
bearers of benefits. No value-free objective answers. Best approach is oftenconsensus building.

Precautionary Principle
• Four basic tenets.
• People have a duty to take anticipatory steps to
prevent harm.
• Burden of proof with new technologies lies with
its proponents.• Full range of alternatives must be examined
before using a new technology.
• Decision must be open informed and democratic.

Environmental Education

The main goals of environmentaleducation are: Improve understanding among the general public of natural and built environments and the relationships between human and their environment and Encourage postsecondary students to pursueenvironmental careers.

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy: Official rules and regulations concerning the environment that are adopted implemented and enforced by a governmental agency. Alsoencompasses public opinion.

The Policy Cycle

Acts to continually define and refine the public agenda. One big obstacle is getting a problem noticed in the age of ever-increasing volume and tenorof
shocking news.

Political Decision Making

Politics as Power.Politics is a struggle among competing interest groups as they strive to shape public policy to suit their own agendas. RationalChoice in choosing between policy alternatives preference should be given to those with the greatest cumulative welfare and the least negative impacts.

Arguments against Rational Choice
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