Environmental systems

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Title: The effects of the atmospheric pressure
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Objective: Understand the effects of atmosphericpressure by making conclusions and predictions.
We maybe have no problem by blowing in the balloon when its inside de bottle because it’s a big one and we have space ,and its not be aproblem by trying to suck water by using the 2 straws,it will be easy.
Two straws
1. A plastic cup of water
2. A clear plastic bottle up to 1 liter in size
3. A clear plasticbottle up to 1 liter in size, with a small hole on its base
4. 2 well stretched balloons
5. A drawing pin to make a hole in a straw
Project 1-Atmospheric pressure
1.      Put astraw in the clear cup of water.
2.      Hold a second straw outside the cup as shown.
3.      Try sucking the water up through the straw.
4.      Now make a small hole in one of the straws with thedrawing pin about 3 cm from the top and try drinking through it.
Project 2-Balloon in a bottle
1.      Place a balloon inside each bottle; spread its neck over the top of the bottle.
2.     Try blowing up the balloon in each case – only with the bottle with a hole in it will work.
3.      Air will exit the bottle via the small hole in the base of the bottle. Quickly seal the hole with yourthumb and the balloon will stay inflated.
4.      By slowly allowing air to enter the bottle, the balloon will deflate under your command.
In the first activity when we tried to suckthe water that was in the plastic cup by using only one straw,we do not have problems, we do not force anything. But then when we suck the water on more time by using this time 2 straws we have to putresistance,then we make one hole in one of the straws and suck through both of it and we do it without difficult.
On the second activity, blowing inside the balloon that we put inside the big...
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